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It's essential that you read this agreement and accept its terms. Gostudy is this Website's legal owner and operator, found at The entities "we," "us," "our," and "Go study" are Preston Consulting and Edtech Private Limited, an Indian-based company. The website "" gets referred to as the "Site" or "this website."

Any natural or legal person who may, as the context dictates, register for a membership account on this Website and application, agree to use Our Services through this Website and application, register through various online channels, Google Ads or other affiliates, etc., or accessing Our Website in any other way. Application for using the "Service" (GoStudy CRM) accessed on the Website.


The following definitions will apply to words used in this Terms and Conditions:

A) "Computer" Any gadget that uses the internet when accessing the Website.

B) 'Intending Borrower" i) A person who has registered on the Website as a "borrower" and needs a loan as well as an allowance for scholarships or financial aid to pay for their schooling, training programs, or extracurricular activities

c) An organisation that demands a loan, scholarship grant, or other financial assistance to pay for its participants' and students' extracurricular activities, education, training, or the pursuit of knowledge.

d) "Intending Lender": A person or organisation that has registered on the Website as a "Lender" and is interested in learning more about how to interact with "intending borrowers."

e) "User": Any individual who interacts with or accesses this Website


These terms and conditions shall govern your access to and use of the Services, Website, and Application however accessed, as well as any information of whatever kind and nature appearing on the Website and application or any other resource made accessible via the Services. Before using the Website and application, please carefully read these Terms of Service. To access and utilise the Services, you must accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions.

We have the right to change these conditions at any moment, either before or after giving You notice. These Terms will be updated and displayed on the Website and/or Application whenever modifications are made. You agree to such revisions if you keep using the Service after implementation. You are welcome to periodically review the most recent version of these Terms of Service. These Terms of Service shall always be in effect and take priority over previous versions. Additionally, we can modify, stop, restrict, disable, halt, or cancel any Service feature.

The Website is maintained with every effort to remain operational. However, in the unlikely scenario that technical difficulties outside our control cause the Website to become momentarily unavailable, GoStudy Loans, its writers, and proprietors disclaim all liability and accept no responsibility.


In the event that the source of financing is a bank or other financial organization, no costs are assessed to the borrower. For instance, they give us a commission on each and every loan that is authorized and disbursed.


We consent to give Gostudy access to KYC and other relevant data and records, both digitally and physically, whenever Gostudy or Third-Party Service Providers request it. You also grant GoStudy access to utilise the papers associated with your KYC.


You know that all financial transfers made outside of India are subject to the Reserve Bank of India's regulations, including the liberalised remittance system. The transaction might not go through if it doesn't fit within the constraints of the facilitated transfer of funds arrangement; in that case, your source account will be reimbursed. Any delays in refunds will not be under the control of Gostudy.


GoStudy neither supports nor has any influence over these third-party service providers. As a result, it disclaims any liability regarding the accuracy of the data these providers offer, their acts or services, or any purported violation or omission on the part of these third parties. By using any third-party service provider's Website or services, you consent to abide by their terms. Before using their services, you should carefully read the terms and conditions, privacy policies, and other pertinent material these third-party service providers provide. It is important to note that using such services is at your own risk and discretion. Gostudy strongly encourages you to exercise caution and make informed decisions when engaging with third- party service providers.

To enable the Services, Gostudy may disclose Your personal information with third-party Service providers, other corporate entities, and Affiliates, including but not limited to businesses and Affiliates in foreign jurisdictions. Additionally, to guarantee regulatory compliance concerning our services, any information you or we acquire may be shared with third-party service providers.

We respect your right to privacy about any personal data you may have given us. Please see our Privacy Policy for information on our data regulations and practices. Since they are a fundamental part of these Terms and Conditions, the clauses mentioned in the Privacy Policy are not reproduced here for conciseness.

When conditions beyond our reasonable control or unforeseen circumstances prevent us from fulfilling our duties under a contract, we won't be held responsible for any non-compliance or failure to fulfil any of those responsibilities.


The organisation permits individuals to share information to establish a connection between the financial institution and the loan recipient. An intended borrower cannot guarantee that any targeted lender will exhibit interest in them or that they will be granted credit. In the same way, there is no assurance that an Intending Lender will locate an Intending Borrower who meets their standards for creditworthiness.


It is extremely wise for a user to speak with their legal representatives or experts before collaborating on any information, agreeing to any rules, or developing a relationship with anyone else.


a Bank of any nature;

an investing agency of any nature;

a verification agency of any kind;

an intermediary of any kind;

Credit Information Company

A credit rating company


Users are granted limited access to this Service for personal use; however, they are not allowed to download any information (except from page caching) or modify it in any manner. This agreement prohibits downloading or copying information, using robots, data mining, or other similar data extraction and collecting techniques, and using the Service or its contents for business or reselling purposes. Without prior written authorization, no portion of the Service may be used, replicated, extracted, exchanged, offered for sale, visited, distributed, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose. Copyrighted material, trademarks, and other confidential data fall under this category.

The user is not allowed to utilize framing techniques or enclose any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including content, images, page layout, or forms) of the Service without obtaining written consent. Furthermore, the user is prohibited from using Meta tags or other "hidden text" on the page—any unauthorized use of the Service results in the license's expiration.

The user can construct a link that directs to the Service's welcome page, provided that the link does not present the Service, the business, or its goods or services in an inaccurate, deceptive, disparaging, or otherwise offensive manner. With our prior written approval, the user can take advantage of any trademarks, logos, or other proprietary graphics belonging to the organization or the Service as part of the interaction.

Right to change the terms of use anytime without notification. We reserve the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change the Service, policies, terms and conditions, and any fees. When using the Service, the user agrees to the terms and conditions that are currently in effect at that moment. The validity and enforceability of any or all of the other conditions will not be affected by any provision found to be defective, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason. This clause is known as severable.

Users may report content on the Service if they consider it to be illegal, offensive (including but not limited to content that encourages bigotry, racial discrimination, prejudice, or physical harm), deceptive, misleading, abusive, indecent, harassing, intolerant, insulting, malicious, vulgar, inappropriate, paedophilic, or frightening; disparaging or distinctly unacceptable; connected to or encouraging illicit financial transactions or gambling; harmful to minors in any way; or picking the identity of another person; or indicates an infringement to India's unity, integrity, security, sovereignty, or friendly relations with other States; or is objectionable or illegal in any different manner; in which case, the user is urged to contact the Service immediately by following the guidelines available at After this process has been completed, if the provider of the Service or Company concludes that any information or content is objectionable, it shall endeavour in good faith to remove any inappropriate content within a reasonable amount of time.

The organization, its affiliates, or its content suppliers own all of the information accessible through the Service, including written content, visual content, logos, banner symbols, photographs, audio recordings, electronic downloads, information on the compilation, and programs. The corporation and its affiliates own all rights to the material compilation process used on this Service, and this ownership is protected by law. All software used on this Service is owned by the corporation, its affiliates, or its software providers and is protected by law. Users are prohibited to repeatedly take content from the Service and take advantage of it.


This platform restricts users from website hosting, visualising, posting, modifying, communicating, distributing, updating, or sharing any information that typically relates to another person for which individuals the user does not have the required legal authorisation.

a) Is overtly offensive, cruel, insensitive, intolerant, abusive, coarse, sexually explicit, paedophilic, defamatory, invading another person's privacy, disparaging, connected to or encouraging the laundering of funds or engaging in gambling, or otherwise illegal in any manner.

b) causes harm to minors;

c) violates any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights;

d) violates any law currently in effect;

e) pretends to be someone else; reveals to the recipient the natural source of such communications or transmits any information that is insulting or disturbing;

f) contains malware or any other code, files, or programs intended to disrupt, destroy, or limit the operation of any computer resource; endangers India's unity, integrity, defence, security, or sovereignty; jeopardises friendly relations with other countries;

g) disturbs public order;

h) encourages the commission of any crime that is punishable by law;

i) interferes with an investigation of any crime or

j) is inappropriate for any other country.


Users agree to use reasonable caution and good judgment when dealing with other users and agree to use the Service and transact at their discretion. We disclaim all liability and responsibility for the deeds or inactions of users. At this moment, we specifically condemn any responsibility and duty in this regard.

We object to accountability for any business losses incurred by the user, including revenue lost, profits, contracts, data, goodwill, or unnecessary expenses. We also disclaim liability for any other unintended or associated damages.

We disclaim any liability for data loss arising from deletions made on purpose or by mistake, system or network malfunctions, corrupted files, backup breakdowns, or any other factor.

Content from third-party sources may be accessible through links on the Service or appear on the Service itself. We aren't usually the ones that handle any errors, misstatements of law, libel, slander, deceptions, obscenity, or vulgarity in the statements, opinions, representations, or other information provided by any third-party content that appears on the Service, and we disclaim any liability for them. The user acknowledges that neither the Company nor its ideologies are expressed in the data or experiences encountered in third-party material. We shall not be responsible for all aspects of any damage the user's computer might encounter while using the Service.

"The Organisation offers education finance assistance" Service. To every possible extent permitted by law, the Company, the management team, employees, and affiliates disclaim any sort of guarantees, whether explicit or claimed, legal or otherwise. This covers concealed promises of legitimacy, confidentiality on the part of third parties, and compatibility for specific uses, among others.

Regarding the timely delivery, truthfulness, comprehensiveness, precision, and security of any software, content, images, URLs, or communications imposed on or via the use of the Service, the Company, its directors, and its Affiliates disclaim any representations and obligations. The Company/the Service, its licensors, its subcontractors, or any third parties mentioned in the Service will not be held accountable for any damages that are incurred (including, but not limited to, inadvertent and accidental harm, personal injury/wrongful death, revenue losses, or damages associated with lost information or business breakdown) that occur as a result of using or not using the Service. This is true whether the consequences are attributable to an implied warranty, breach of contract, negligence, or any other legal theory.


Conversation between individuals and the Company that provides the Service. Any contact information a user puts forth on the Service represents their acceptance of being contacted by us using the communication they delivered.

If there happens to be a delay or we fail to perform the duties assigned to us under the terms of this agreement, it will not be our fault if the reason is beyond our reasonable supervision.

Links that can be clicked to third-party services, which include services for transferring funds outside of India, education financing, opening bank accounts, and services for transferring funds to universities and other educational institutions outside of India, as well as related ancillary service providers, are examples of services that may be provided ("Third Party Service Provider"). As a result, Leverage will not be accountable for the authenticity of whatever data these third-party service providers offer, their offerings or acts, or any alleged mistake or breach by them. Leveraging doesn't endorse or have any influence over these third-party service providers. By using the Service (s) provided by Third-Party Service Providers, you accept to be bound by those terms and conditions.

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250+ Education Loan Experts Online

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  • Lowest Interest rate
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  • 100% Unsecured Loan
  • 3X Loan Approval Chances
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250+ Education Loan Experts Online

FREE Expert Admission Guidance

  • Lowest Interest rate
  • Full Moratorium
  • 100% Unsecured Loan
  • 3X Loan Approval Chances
  • 100% Funding
  • Loan without parents income

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